Sunland Real Estates Ltd


1. Property Management

At Sunland we manage commercial, retail, industrial, and residential property assets to effectively maximize our client’s return on investment. We provide measurable results across a spectrum of services, risk management, purchasing, energy management, and financial reporting.

We deploy and practice best market practices, methods, and procedures to ensure that our client’s properties are:

  • Let at the best market rentals and lease terms to the best advantage of our management clients.
  • Proper leases and other contractual documentation are in place to protect our contractual and pecuniary interests of the landlords as our clients.
  • The management of services, utilities, and other operations are carried out properly to the best and cost-effective standards.
  • The property structures, components, plant, and equipment are maintained properly, regularly, and cost-effectively, to also ensure that their long term values are not just maintained but enhanced.
  • Rental, car parking and service charge income are collected fully and properly, and accounted for and remitted accurately and in a timely manner. Good financial practices and procedures are maintained
  • Statutory obligations with regard to the properties are adhered to.


2. Property Sales and Letting

We offer a fresh approach that provides a solution for you to have a quick sale and letting, and are customized to meet our client’s financial and equity needs.

With regards to letting and leasing, we ensure that we cover the entire role of letting any vacant space, negotiating rent reviews, and lease renewals on existing tenancies.

3. Valuation and Advisory Services

The Valuation and Advisory Services team provides independent, accurate, reliable, and timely evaluations and advice critical to the success of every real estate transaction or financing. Aided by market-leading research and actual transaction details from our Sales and Letting team, the Valuation team is able to provide a wide range of valuation services including capital markets and IPO valuations, corporate and portfolio valuations, mortgage valuations, and other financial and development analysis for various types of property such as office, retail, residential, industrial, hotel and special use properties, and land. Our clients can thus make reasoned and sound real estate decisions.

4. Research and Consultancy

There is a scarcity of publicly available data on the property market in Kenya. The detailed databases we have built up are therefore of extreme importance in addressing this problem. We conduct in-depth surveys of all sectors on a regular basis, enabling the Value line to offer insightful intelligence and necessary outlook tools to accurately gauge the market from both a historical and forecasted basis. Sunland Research is also able to provide subscription services for market forecasting and performance benchmarking, as well as strategic advice.

 5. Property Development Consultancy

  • At Sunland, we provide sustainable, innovative, comprehensive, and professional property development consultancy services that provide access to information that helps maximize a property’s potential. We combine core disciplines in one comprehensive and holistic package that provides the following key services;

    • Preparation of comprehensive property reports assisting buyers and developers evaluate property potential quickly and accurately analyzing the highest and best yield scenarios.
    • Preparing feasibility options.
    • Determining the true development potential of the property.
    • Providing development reports that will explore all the options.
    • Saving time and money and the inconvenience of seeking and coordinating complex Information from various professionals.

6. General insurance services through our sister company – Sunardhi Insurance Agency Limited.


Sunland Real Estates Limited is a vibrant professional real estate firm committed to providing superior services to our clients. Drawing on our people’s in-depth experience, Sunland provides consistent and client focused services.

Main Office

International House – 8th Floor Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi
8am – 5pm Monday-Friday
9am – 1pm Saturday

+254 737 100 875,
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+254 733 717 726
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Ruiru Branch

Haifa Heights, Membley Estate Off By Pass.
800 Meters from Thika Road
8am – 5pm Monday-Friday
9am – 1pm Saturday
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